Happy Birthday!

I’ve never been much of a writer. I didn’t enjoy writing, in school or on my own. I could be doing other things than writing. Writing just didn’t strike me as something very fun. Of course, I’ve never particularly loved English either. Not that my teachers weren’t really good, they just never really got me to love the subject.

That, however, was before seventh grade.
Therefor, that was before my teacher was Mrs. Schoch.

Mrs. Schoch, honestly, had me into the subject from the second month of school, which was better than anyone else. I was still getting used to all the seventh grade classes. I was super happy to have her as a teacher; she was funny, nice, and could handle my rowdy class.

Today is Mrs. Schoch’s birthday, and this blog post is for her.

Mrs. Schoch is fantastic. She has good lessons and knows how we want to learn. She isn’t very strict, she wants respect, and deserves it. She has reasonable expectations for us: nothing too hard but everything is doable. She has fun lessons that she doesn’t have to do, like Phantom of the Opera and Les Misérables.

I was very worried, and prepared, for English not to be my favorite class, because Mrs. Schoch said she was a part-time teacher. That she left after our period. I was worried she’d be tired during our class, and that she wouldn’t want to do much with us at all. That she’d barely care. However, I was very quickly proven wrong. She liked our class just as much as she liked all her others (even though we can be quite loud and talkative).

Mrs. Schoch, I just want to say thank you for everything. You’re a great teacher that got me interested in something I never thought I’d be interested in. You taught me more about writing than I ever have learned before. You got me interested in a new musical that I LOVE. You’ve taught me about English and life, and I thank you for that.

Mrs. Schoch, don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing. You’re great at it and it’s fantastic. Thank you so much for being my teacher and believing in me throughout this year. You’re my favorite teacher. When I go onto eighth grade, I won’t have you anymore, and that’ll be really sad. I love you as a teacher and I wish I could have you for every year on.

Perfect Heart
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As I was driving to school today, thinking maybe today wasn’t going to be as bad as I thought it would…and then I saw the glowing pink sun. I knew there was plenty of ‘blah-blah-blah’ science that was behind it-yawn-but really, today of all days, the sun was pink. See, today was the day that I hate most of all…

Valentine’s Day.


Ya, ok, Valentines Day wouldn’t be that bad, unless you’re me and your name is Princess Crystal Temple. Everyone likes to tease me because my name is “Princess.” My mom has a really sick sense of humor. My sister’s name is Apple Pennie Temple. Anyway, today was destined to be bad. Very bad.
Valentine’s Day has never been good for me. When I was six, my best friend, Jimmy, ditched me for the boys and I was friendless for 2 years due to shyness. When I was 8, I forgot to bring my Valentines from home for the class and the teacher wrote a note home saying that it was “rude and disrespectful for Princess to not participate in this class tradition.” Because of that, I was grounded for a month! Since then, as I’ve gotten older, my curse has always gotten worse.

To be continued…
Double The Love
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The Scene…

I just woke up this morning at about 8. I already know school is gonna be delayed, so I got to sleep in. I look at my phone and notice my friend has texted me answering my question, “Will we have morning practice for basketball?” I check my phone while still in bed.

Lizzie: No it’s snowing
Me: It’s not snow [my thoughts: “It’s just ice and snow that’s melting on the ground. I call snow ‘white cold stuff that’s stuck on the ground.’]
Lizzie: It is here
I jump out of bed and run to my window
Me: Oh my gosh it’s here too!
[my mom comes in]
Mom: By the way, school is totally canceled.
Me: No science test!
(Sorry science teachers and science lovers, but science is not my best subject and I do not look forward to tests)

Yup, I was really happy because it was a…

(I just figured out how to do that!)

Anyway, visitors, that was morning. I’m really happy that we don’t have school, and that we do have snow. There is still a lot of ice, which is not good, but I’ll take it. Here are some pictures:

My dog getting his warm on.

My Texas snowman (Ok, sure he doesn’t have a face and is just a lump, but don’t talk about it. He’s sensitive.)

Frosty Footpath - winter snow
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: blmiers2 via Compfight

Ya, that’s not what it looks like, but that’s what I see!

Thanks to the Glitter Text website for the glitter text!

Worst Weekend Ever

Last week (Jan. 13-17) took forever to me. It felt like the entire second semester. I couldn’t wait for the weekend! So on Friday after school I’m in a great mood, not only because it’s the weekend, but it was a 3-day weekend!

Short Story: Happiness went away very, very soon.
Long Story: I’m getting out of my car with my hands full enough that I close the door with my foot. I’m also not paying attention. Suddenly, a sharp pain explodes from my finger. I had smashed my fingertip in the door of the car, in a way that I had to open the door to get my finger out. And if that still doesn’t tell you how bad it was, listen to this: I was more scared by this than I was when I got bit under the eye by a dog. Anyway, my finger is now all swollen and bruised (it was bloody on Friday but not anymore).

So, naturally, Saturday was a relaxing day of “Heal My Finger.”

Then we get to Sunday. I was happy because my finger was a lot better, and I got to see my friends at church. Once again, I was happy. Really happy. Life was good…
So something had to go wrong.

I woke up really early in the morning with a stomach-ache. Then after a long, long time of not feeling well, I ended up vomiting. So, I didn’t go to church-I didn’t do anything fun. I vomited 3 times total in the morning, then felt better, but didn’t want to risk running around a lot. So, I got to lay at home all day doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! And no, it was not fun.

My Monday was then spent making sure I could go to school Tuesday.
So for this 3-Day weekend, I didn’t do anything or leave my house. Thanks Martin Luther King Jr!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hey visitors! I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I also wanted to share some pictures from my Christmas.

1. Tree Takes:
Take One, empty
Take Two:
My mom and I contributed

Take Three:
My uncle contributed

Take Four:
We removed my uncle’s contribution for the final take


I like the homemade tree decorations, personally. Have you ever done that?

2. Dogs:
House One, Mine:

House Two, my dad’s family:

House Three, my mom’s mom:


Very, very cute dogs. Do you have any dogs?

3. SOCKS!!




I love fuzzy socks. My favorite pair of socks are fuzzy, neon orange socks. Do you have a favorite pair of socks?

Please comment on the questions:
Do you have any Interesting home-made tree decorations?
Do you own dogs? What are they/is it like?
Do you have a favorite pair of socks?
How was your Christmas?

But really, I just want to say:


This Friday at my church, we unloaded an entire truckload of pumpkins! Every year at Halloween my church has a pumpkin patch and sells pumpkin with the help of everyone. It’s really fun and neat to see everyone working hard to help the church.

Normally we only get only part, or half, of a truck. That is always my least favorite part: having to keep track of the number of pumpkins. This year, thought, we got the whole truck! 2,000 pumpkins! Having to unload that many pumpkins needs a lot of help which we didn’t have. There were only about 20 of us there on Friday, so we didn’t quite finish. We did get half of the truck unloaded though! It was amazing! Since we didn’t finish we will have to on Sunday after church.