Ok, I need help. I want to write a mini short-story (one kind of like The Town, look earlier at my blog or the Elizabeth M’s Blog), but I don’t know what to write about! I have started a lot of stories but I don’t know what to continue! Here are some of my ideas. These are simply leads (or introductions). Please comment what you want to see continued. If you don’t like anything (or do but have a different, shall I say, better idea), please give me another idea.

Idea One:

Lilly stared out her window as rain streaked down. She was totally engulfed in her own world, sitting still and watching silently. Suddenly, thunder cracks loud and hard. The power goes out in the little shack. When the light flickers back on, Lilly is gone.

Idea Two:

“Listen and I will tell you, Alexandra and Jackson Harrow. Before the end of the winter semester, you will have to find Omias and fulfill her quest and collect the Silver Sapphire, then bring the precious artifact back where it belongs. Go now and do this order or pay the price. And if you both do this correctly, your reward will be… memorable.”

(This one would be written from both people’s points of view)

Idea Three:

“I’ve been waiting here since dawn! You didn’t even show up. How could you do that?” Gloriana was screaming into the woods. She knelt down by the crystal clear river and started crying. Suddenly a bush rustled in the distance. Gloriana looked up. A voice came from behind her, “I’ve been here too. You know I can’t come out where people could see me.” A little girl jumped in front of her. She looked at Gloriana for a while in silence, then spoke, “Did you really want to find me?”

Idea Four:

“There are four sisters that will be born on the sixteenth of the third month. These children will be the ones who’ll save you from Evalana. These four sisters will each possess a gift, a gift naturally given.
The oldest shall live in the clouds; she will belong above the trees and mountains, yet remain under the sun. The second oldest shall live not as high up, but shall remain in the leaves and bark of the tallest trees. The second youngest shall live in the depths of the flame, controlling and taming the world of evil and fire. The youngest shall control the seas, bending the waters of the world to her will.”
“This is the new prophesy of the time.”

(This one would also be written from the four people’s points of view)

Idea Five

My world has always been dark: The lights were either incredibly dim or dead, the black paint-covered houses had black un-dusted curtains pulled over every window so no light would get through, and everyone wore black and grey on a normal, day-to-day basis. I was the way it was, and everyone liked it and lived with it. 

At least, I thought so.

3 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Wow! These all sound intriguing! You have great starts to four different stories. In this moment, I’m most curious about where Lilly went (Idea 1). Maybe that is just because it is the first one that I read. But I think all of the stories have promise!

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