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Ok, I have a little warning for everyone. I will be trying to post periodically throughout the summer (I have some free time). This post is being written for many reasons, which I will now list. 

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Now that I’ve gotten the business out of the way, I have a super duper important question to ask everyone who is reading this. I want you to Comment your answer  in the comment section. Ok, now, for the question: Would You be interested to read a story I’m writing that’s based, slightly, off of the Phantom of the Opera? Ok, so go comment your answer! If I get a lot of “yes”s then I’ll post a chapter at a time. if I get a lot of “no”s then I won’t.


The newest Disney animated movie, Frozen, is popular among lot of people and lots of ages. As probably the most popular movie of the year, everyone knows about it, from the lyrics to all the songs to knowing the more famous lines. However, I think it’s terrible how people don’t actually think about it a lot. There is a lot of things in the movie that not a lot of people realize, and things I think are pretty important.

One thing, for example, that bothers me is when Elsa was telling Anna that she couldn’t marry a man she just met. She acts like she should know better than to do such a thing. I personally think Anna did nothing wrong. When her sister was hidden from the world and locked away, Anna was too. She never had contact with the outside world. Anna was locked inside the castle for majority of her life, and was expected to know what to do when she meets a guy she likes. But when she does the wrong thing, everyone’s surprised!

Another thing is how Elsa and Anna’s parents locked away Elsa and hid her from the world. If they hadn’t, Elsa might have known what to do when everyone found out about her power. She might have figured out how to build and thaw things. Personally, if I was Elsa’s parents, I would have told everyone about Elsa’s powers. I would have let them know before her coronation so that she wouldn’t have freaked out. I also would have changed the rule that you don’t need to uncover your hands when you hold and touch royal items, in hopes that the gloves would help control the power a little. I would have built a room for Elsa to practice her powers in, so she would be able to learn more and practice.

I also would not have cut the connection between Elsa and Anna. Anna and Elsa need each other. The violent separation between the once best friends is not ok and is not fair. Elsa didn’t look like she needed help, but she really did. Anna was struggling with being alone since a very young age, but I don’t get why Disney didn’t show Elsa struggling. If I were the parents, I would have moved Elsa to another room, just in case, but I would have let them hang out together (with supervision) as to try to avoid a lot of conflict that causes their home to freeze.

All in all, I think Frozen’s a great movie. One of Disney’s best, actually (because the Elsa’s love I what saves Anna, not Kristoff’s. Though Disney made a fantastic movie, the movie had some problems. However, maybe it’s just me. Either way, I hope you consider what I say and think about it.

Snowflake macro: dark star
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Another Commentary

So, apparently my last song commentary on the Phantom of the Opera song “All I Ask of You” was really liked, so I’ve decided to do another. This one’s not as much of a commentary, but more of a ‘what’s really being said.’ Hey, close enough right? This time I’m doing the song “Music of the Night.”

When this song is sung (by the Phantom), Christine has just arrived in his lair and is, to be totally honest, completely terrified. The Phantom is singing this song to relax her, since he is going to keep her there (or so he thinks). So, here is the song.  This one isn’t as good as the last one, but whatever. Try to enjoy it.

Remember! The lyrics are in this color and fontand my commentary is inthis color and font.Oh, and (yes, this is the last thing, I promise) if you want to hear/watch the Phantom perform this, go to the Page (not post) “The Phantom of the Opera Songs.”

Night time sharpens, heightens each sensation
Darkness stirs and wakes imagination
Silently the senses abandon their defenses
Helpless to resist the notes I write
For I compose the music of the night

The Phantom’s a jerk. He’s telling Christine what she wants to hear. Ignore the light, it will only tell the truth. The darkness will let you see what you want to see. It’ll let you hear what you want to hear. He’s right and truthful about one thing; he’s a beautiful composer.

Slowly, gently night unfurls its splendor
Grasp it, sense it, tremulous and tender
Turn your face away from the garish light of day
Turn your thoughts away from cold unfeeling light
And listen to the music of the night

Night is beautiful. It lets you believe anything and everything. Here, the Phantom here is telling Christine to grasp the reality she wants to know, and ignore the reality that she’s in.

Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreams
Purge your thoughts of the life you knew before
Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar
And you’ll live as you’ve never lived before

Close your eyes and open your thoughts. Let your soul soar into it’s own world. Then you’ll live as you never have before, because you now can. That’s what he’s telling her.

Softly, deftly, music shall caress you
hear it, feel it, secretly possess you
Open up your mind, let your fantasies unwind
In this darkness that you know you cannot fight
The darkness of the music of the night

Don’t try and fight it, Christine. Christine, let yourself live your own live; a live of your own imagination. Let yourself join me in the music. Live through your fantasies.

Let your mind start a journey to a strange new world
Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before
Let your soul take you where you long to be
Only then can you belong to me

In this world, this reality, Christine cannot belong to the Phantom. She’s too scared. But, if she lets herself belong to the Phantom’s reality, in the depths of the opera house, then she will not be afraid.

Floating, falling, sweet intoxication
Touch me, trust me, savor each sensation
Let the dream begin, let your darker side give in
To the power of the music that I write
The power of the music of the night

The Phantom wants-needs-Christine to trust him.

You alone can make my song take flight
Help me make the music of the night

Choir UIL

Today, Wednesday April 16, 2014, three out of the four West Ridge choirs preformed at UIL. In UIL, University Interscholastic League, every choir in the region has to perform three pre-rehearsed songs from a specific list of songs all rated 1-5 (1 is easiest and 5 is hardest) and do sight reading. In sight reading, you get piece of music that you’ve never seen before and perform it in front of the judges. Thankfully, you do not have to say the words; our choirs just sing Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, and so on. Let’s just say that’s the most boring part of UIL. 

Anyway, Concert and Honor Treble Choir (the choir I was in) performed three songs like everyone else. We are supposed to perform level 1 and level 2 songs only, but we performed two level 3 songs and (Ms. Snouffer says) one level 3,000 song. I’ll give you a quick run-down of all the songs:

  1. The first song we performed was Cantate Hodie, which means “Sing Today” in, I believe, Latin. The song continually flips between Latin and English. It’s fun, up beat, and exciting. I really like it (It’s my favorite).
  2. The next song we sing is a Russian Folk Song called Kalinka (kal-yeen-ka). It’s all in Russian AND it’s occapella, so it had no musical accompaniment. It’s the level 3,000 song. It’s super hard. We almost ditched it multiple times, but we didn’t. We stuck with it and we sounded FANTASTIC! It changes speed and volume about 20 million times, so it’s hard to remember when to do what. In this song, a man is leaning up against a kalinka bush and is singing about a girl. Whenever I sing it, I picture a big berry bush. It’s kinda creepy. 
  3. The last song we sang was a slower song called I Know Where I’m Going. This song’s about a rich girl who is in love with a poor boy, and she isn’t allowed to marry him. She’s willing to give up everything she has to stay with the boy (Johnny). Throughout the song, she’s singing about that. It’s really a beautiful song, even if it’s hard. The first few lines are as follows:

“I know where I’m going, but who knows who’s going with me.

I know who I love, but who knows who I’ll marry?”

After we sang these songs, we were brought out to the sight-reading room. We got a song and we sang it fabulously. I don’t want to talk too much about that, it’s very boring. Anyway, we got judged one a scale of 1-5 (1 being the best and 5 being the worst). The judges were really nice everywhere. After we were done, we were ushered outside to take a picture. I was thinking it was going to take a while to get our results (1 or 2 weeks, maybe). But not after a long time of being outside, Ms. Snouffer comes out with a trophy. She tells us we got the same score from every single judge (there were 6 total). She told us we got…

Glitter Text @ Glitterfy.com

Oh, we were all so happy! It was fantastic! Best thing EVER! I’m still really happy about it! I don’t think it could get any better than this. YAY! 

Now, I just have to figure out what scores were for Concert Tenor Bass (Boys), Varsity Tenor Bass, and Varsity Treble (girls). Hopefully West Ridge Middle School won the sweepstakes trophy again! Go WRMS!


If you look at her, you’ll just see an old, dirty stuffed animal whose fur won’t lay the right way. But when I look at her, I see the stuffed animal that I could never live without. My prized possession, my best friend, and my comforter all rolled into one. When I was younger, I even considered her to be my sister. My stuffed dog, Happy, is the thing I’ll always need and I’ll always have.

When I was five, I got a build-a-bear workshop gift-card from my grandma. When I went, I picked out a stuffed dog (because I was the type of child that could be in a room full of stuffed bears, for example, and one dog, and I’d only see the dog) that looked almost exactly like my dog, Butler. At first, I was only moderately excited, but the excitement grew as I began to build my build-a-bear collection.

I got bears, frogs, cats, and even more dogs, but each one I had would be cast aside, because I always went back to Happy. No stuffed animal I ever got was as good.

Since I’ve gotten Happy, I’ve always had her in times of need. When I got bit by the dog, Happy was there. When I had a horrible third grade year (that’s a different blog post), Happy was there. Even this year, when I shut my finger in the car door (different blog post again), Happy was there. And I’m sure Happy will be there in years to come too. She’s my every-lasting best friend.

I have to admit, when I was younger, I was starting to worry about what people would think if I still had Happy with me for everything. I thought people would start to tease me and make fun of me. I’ve gotten over that. I really don’t care if you think I’m childish (if you do, thank you!) for still having a stuffed animal as my best friend.

The assignment was to write a blog post about a memory with an object or movie (physical things), and I knew right away I was going to write about happy. But now, I don’t think that’s as smart if an idea; I can’t think of one memory with Happy that would do her justice. Looking back, Happy is in almost every good memory I have, and just about every bad one.

Happy means the world to me, even as a teenager. I would be devastated if anything happened to her. It’d be like an older sibling moving away from home, or a best friend moving to a different state. I’d be missing a part of my childhood-a part of my life. Nothing can ever break the bond between Happy and I, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

“All I Ask of You” Commentary

I just want to go through this song from The Phantom of the Opera because it is just so full of…liesthat I don’t think many people see, and it’s seriously bothering me. So, I copied the lyrics from this website, if you want to read it, and I’m going to have my own commentary in it every now-and-then. To make it easy to find my commentary, it’s going to be orange and in this font. So, please enjoy the truth behind “All I Ask of You.” Oh, and most of this is stuff that never gets carried out.

No more talk of darkness
Forget these wide-eyed fears
I’m here, nothing can harm you
My words will warm and calm you

Um, no. Raoul actually later CREATES more fears for her by making her do the Phantom’s Opera. Yup, no more fears indeed. Furthermore, he says ‘nothing can harm you’ and I just want to point out that immediately after they sing this song a chandelier almost FALLS ON CHRISTINE!

Let me be your freedom
Let daylight dry your tears
I’m here, with you, beside you
To guard you and to guide you

“To guard you and to guide you?” I honestly don’t think Christine wants to hear at this point since she recently asks the “Angel of Music” to guard her and guide her. The ‘Angel’ agrees and then the ‘Angel’ turns out to be The Phantom. Beautiful word choice Raoul.

Say you’ll love me every waking moment
Turn my head with talk of summer time
Say you need me with you now and always
Promise me that all you say is true
That’s all I ask of you

No, all he says is not true, Christine. Frankly, I think the Phantom’s more honest. One of my favorite moments is when the managers are telling Christine she has the biggest part (the lead) in the Phantom’s play. Christine says no, and when the managers are like, “Why not?” Raoul comes in and tells Christine that nobody can make her perform. Literally one minute later Raoul comes up with a fantastic plan that has Christine singing in the opera. Then Christine’s still saying “Please don’t make me.” Raoul tells her all hopes are resting on her. Ya, nobody can make you sing but he makes her. L-I-A-R.

Let me be your shelter
Let me be your light
You’re safe, no one will find you
Your fears are far behind you

Ya, only behind the statue RIGHT BEHIND HER!

All I want is freedom
A world with no more night
And you, always beside me
To hold me and to hide me

Then say you’ll share with me one love, one lifetime
Let me lead you from your solitude
Say you need me with you here, beside you
Anywhere you go, let me go too
Christine, that’s all I ask of you

I’m convinced that because of Raoul, Christine is in more solitude after this song than she was earlier. I will hand it to him; he goes where she goes: when Christine is kidnapped to the Phantom’s liar at the end of the play and is trapped, Raoul smartly gets trapped in the lair.

Say you’ll share with me one love, one lifetime
Say the word and I will follow you

Share each day with me, each night, each morning

Say you love me

You know I do

Love me, that’s all I ask of you.

(They kiss.)

Anywhere you go, let me go too
Love me, that’s all I ask of you

Okay, I can’t complain about this. Through all Raoul does, he does have Christine’s best interests at heart. He just has a really bad way of showing it.

Like my thought process? I hope so because that is my final say in that, unless you happen to have seriously convincing comment (so, please comment).

Now, to the best part. The Phantom’s watching behind a statue, Raoul and Christine leave to go back to the Opera house, and the Phantom comes out of his hiding spot. Lyrics from the same place as above.

I gave you my music, made your song take wing.
And now, how you’ve repaid me, denied me and betrayed me.
He was bound to love you, when he heard you sing.
(Sobs) Christine, Christine.

Okay, let me just say: Poor Phantom! He had to listen to everything Raoul was saying that he wanted to do for Christine. Now, the Phantom probably would have done a worse job than Raoul of keeping his promises, but both of them did badly.

[Raoul & Christine]
Say you’ll share with me one love, one lifetime
Say the word and I will follow you
Share each day with me, each night, each morning…

For just a minute, imagine you are the Phantom. You’re innocently crying about your broken heart and suddenly, the girl you loved and the man who took her from you start singing again. Rubbing it in.

You will curse the day you did not do!
All that the Phantom asked of you!

(In the play, the Phantom now drops the chandelier now.)

Now, I’m not saying the Phantom’s perfect, but he sure isn’t that much better than Raoul. Raoul never dropped a chandelier or killed anybody, but he did throw Christine into his plan that totally failed and just made things worse for her.

Well, now you know my thoughts about this song. I hope you likes them, or at least saw my thought process. I could have picked any song from this point on (go look, you’ll see what I mean), but this one starts the chain reaction (I know I’ve been doing a love of things love-related, and that’s why). Please comment your thoughts!

The Letter That She Never was Going to Send

Dear Father,
I’m moving forward, thinking no more of Darkness. The light is my life now, and I won’t look back. I shall continue to perform at the Opera Popular, for my voice lives on though my teacher is gone.

Father, the Phantom of the Opera is gone. He’s no longer deceiving me by pretending to be your angel or the Angel of Music. I’m free, but I feel just as trapped as I was. Raoul’s being over-protective of me; if someone makes any noise backstage, Raoul can be found immediately by my side. Sadly, Madam Giry has retired, so she can’t stop him (Meg Giry has taken over, and she is not as strict because she is just as worried.

Everyone watching me and asking me questions has gotten bothersome. I’m not still communicating with the Phantom, and I wasn’t at the beginning of this. The Phantom of the Opera was just a human with a horrible life, not some monstrous creature. He was forced to find refuge on the depths of the opera house because everyone was scarred of his face.

I think the Opera Popular will be closing soon. Monsieur Firman and Monsieur Andre were just forced to retire, and no one wants to some work here, at the Phantom’s Opera. Nobody we ask will believe that Meg has the real mask, and that he let Raoul and I go freely. Nobody will believe us when we say he’s gone for good.

Please help me, Father. It’s nice having Raoul and Meg, but they really don’t understand. They weren’t fooled as I was. I’m no longer frightened of him, but he has forced himself into my life and mind forever. I know you watch over me, so please help me forget about him, the nightmare of my life, the Phantom of the Opera.

Christine Daaé

P.S. I don’t want to tell Raoul and Meg this, for they will worry deeply, but I’ve been getting a blood-red rose with a black ribbon tied on it in my dressing room after every performance.

My sexy Rose.
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Digital Footprints


Photo Credit: stephanie carter via Compfight

Digital Footprints: your history online

I’m not sure what my digital footprint is, but I think it’s pretty positive. I mean, the most recent thing I searched on Google was my name and nothing about me came up (turns out, there are a lot of other ‘Kendall ——-‘s). Technology is a dangerous thing. Imagine: lets say, when you are 5 years old, you go online and join a website of some kind. Well, to get in, you must enter your email, name, age, city, and birthday. All of these things you do because you don’t yet know better. Now let’s fast-forward 10 years. You’re in the mall with your friends and some random person comes up to you and tells you something like, “Happy Birthday,” and walks away. Well, that person could have gotten that information from anything…including the website you joined when you were 5. Some other sources could have been an account on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

“But that’s not true,” you say, “My stuff isn’t able to be seen by everyone! I have the privacy setting on. You can’t see my account unless I let you.” Yes, that’s true: when you have the privacy setting on, sometimes it won’t let everyone see your posts unless you let them. Let me emphasize the word ‘sometimes.’ I just recently got an Instagram account. I didn’t have one for a long time because I didn’t want everyone to be able to see my posts. When my friend asked me why I didn’t have an account, I told her that reason. She seemed surprised that that was my only reason. “Kendall, you know there’s a privacy setting,” she told me, ” and if you have it on, only your followers can see your posts!” I’m telling you now: that doesn’t matter. There are brilliant people in this world that can easily hack into your account and get a lot of information on you. With the information a hacker gets, they can easily use it against you. And believe it or not, that happens a lot. 

Now, I’m not saying getting an account on a website or signing up to the latest social media thing is going to get you instantly hacked and attacked via-social-media, but I would be cautious. Back to the topic about Digital Footprints, if you have a negative footprint, when you go to apply to a collage, you are going to be considered more. Don’t post inappropriate stuff on anything, or it will come back to hurt you. That goes for Google too; searching bad stuff on Google is just as bad as posting something bad. 

With all of the technology in the world today, I feel as though some people are forgetting some of the most important rules of the internet, thinking it doesn’t matter. You Digital Footprint will be active and accessible for years after you die, and has been active and accessible for years (ok, a year) before you were born. If you are tempted to post something bad on the internet or look something bad up, think about your future and think about how the post or search will affect you later.