Fright Poem

The sky was pitch black
Something wasn’t quite right
The moon cast a dim glow
In the middle of the haunting night

The children played and screamed
A joyous sound in the eire night air
From the talking and laughing
To the ends of the neighborhood’s lair

Still the night went on
The children ran throughout the street
Crying “BOO!” With all their might
Not knowing what they would soon meet

Everyone’s house went dark one by one
Until only a single house was a ablaze
The children stopped to face the looming tower
Every piece of grass covered by a thick haze

To be continued…
Happy Halloween! What do you think is going to happen?


I like afternoons, evenings, and even the middle of the night. However, I will always not be sure about mornings. To show you what I mean, I have thought of two versions of mornings, and then I will tell you what I think.

Version 1:
As I wake up, the sun is shining as if it was welcoming me into the new day. I smile and jump out of bed, ready to begin my day. I practically fly through my morning routine with a smile on my face. This was going to be a great day!

Version 2:
I hear my alarm clock going off, but I am hoping it is a dream. After a while, I wake myself up, wondering if this is a school day or not, then falling back asleep anyway. When I finally wake up for the third and final time, I drag myself through my morning responsibilities, only doing so because I want to get to school on time. I knew that, again, I was not going to be awake and ready for the day until 9:00.

Ok, now, those were a bit extreme for me just talking about mornings, but I wanted you to see my point. For me, mornings are almost exactly like Version 2 (which is part of the reason why it is longer). I want to know what you think about mornings, and which version relates to you. Please comment your response!


As I lay in bed staring out the window, the rain tries to fight its way into my bedroom from my window. The only light outside was from lightning striking often. It felt as though the sky had been holding it in for ages, then finally opening up and letting go.
Down, down, down it came. All throughout the night the clouds cried, but I slept soundly. Suddenly, there was a massive thunder crack! I jolted awake, my heart beating. However, I did not stay awake for long. The pouring rain quickly had me drifting back to sleep.
Hours and hours of pouring rain. Darkness filled my room. When I awoke, the sun had not. It had stopped raining, but the dewy smell still remained. As I was about to get up for the day, the clouds reopened and started pouring again. Thunder rang through the neighborhood, and I drifted back to sleep. When I finally woke up, I could tell the rain was not going to be done for a long, long, long time.

Photo Credit: Vinoth Chandar via Compfight


I have to confess, I’m a huge fan of Disney! My favorite movies ever are movies like The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, and Aladdin. I also love songs, such as Colors of the Wind (Pocahontas), I Won’t Say I’m in Love (Hercules), Poor Unfortunate Souls and Under the Sea (The Little Mermaid), I Just Can’t Wait to be King (The Loin King), and A Whole New World (Aladdin). I love how Disney movies all have an amazing life messages, and are just fun to watch.

I also think the coolest characters from Disney movies are the villains. Ursula and Jafar are two of my favorites, but mostly Ursula. She is funny, different, and evil. She is also very clever. I like villains because they always think they can outsmart the main character, but they never do because the main character will always come out on top. Disney villains also always have the best songs. Check out this song from The Little Mermaid, Ursula’s Poor Unfortunate Souls!

Now that you have seen that, do you get why I like villain’s songs? They are so much fun! I hope you enjoyed. Please comment and tell me what Disney movies you like and why!


This Friday at my church, we unloaded an entire truckload of pumpkins! Every year at Halloween my church has a pumpkin patch and sells pumpkin with the help of everyone. It’s really fun and neat to see everyone working hard to help the church.

Normally we only get only part, or half, of a truck. That is always my least favorite part: having to keep track of the number of pumpkins. This year, thought, we got the whole truck! 2,000 pumpkins! Having to unload that many pumpkins needs a lot of help which we didn’t have. There were only about 20 of us there on Friday, so we didn’t quite finish. We did get half of the truck unloaded though! It was amazing! Since we didn’t finish we will have to on Sunday after church.