About Me

Welcome! If you came to this page it means you want to know…

1. My name is Kendall
2. I love to write because I think it is fun and a great way to express yourself
3. My favorite color is orange (um… ya. Could you guess?)
4. I go to MUMC (Manchaca United Methodist Church) and love it
5. I’m an only child, which is not as good as a lot of people think it is (not that I’m saying it is bad…)
6. I like to read because I like to be taken on different character’s adventures
7. My favorite singer is Britt Nicole (find her website on my main page) because she has an amazing voice, is a great role model, and her songs are very inspirational
8. I play basketball
9. I LOVE school (GO WILDCATS!)
10. I’m a transfer student
11. I’ve lived in Texas my whole life
12. My favorite movie is Harry Potter 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7 (both of them). I don’t like the Order of the Phoenix a lot because Harry gets mad way to much
13. My hero is my Kindergarden teacher Ms. Walker because she was very kind encouraged us to be us
14. I’m in Concert Treble Choir at school and Youth Choir at church
15. I love to sing!
16. I like to watch and listen to Disney movies
17. I am 12 years old, and instead of turning 13 on my birthday, I will be turning 12 for the second time because I want to be a child for a long time (why should anyone want to grow up?)
18. My birthday is March 29, and I was born in 2001
19. I am taking a cooking/sewing class in school this year, so I love to cook and am very excited to finish learning how to sew
20. My favorite day of the week is either Monday or Wednesday because I like school (yes, yes, I know. It’s not a common like, but as a transfer student, I like seeing my friends at school and Monday allows that), and because Wednesday is just a weird day (is it late or early in the week?)
21. My favorite artist is Fred Tomaselli. I don’t think I can post any pictures of his work, but I would totally go on Google and look at some of his work. Or, you can go to the Modern in Fort Worth and see it in person.
22. My favorite play/movie is Phantom of the Opera. We studied it in English and I really enjoyed it. We’re now watching it. I’ve been looking on YouTube for some of the songs, and I found a lot. I totally recommend watching the movie, though it’s not as good as the movie (in the order of events). Here is the main song (from the movie):

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