A Small Part of a Long Story

“Come on Katie, let’s GO!” Barbra yelled from across the hall, “We’re gonna be late!” Katie rolled her eyes and pulled the covers over her head. Every morning was the same: Katie will hit the snooze button, sleep for 3 minutes past what she should, and suddenly she and Barbra, her twin sister, are gonna be late to school. After a few minutes of feeling sorry for herself, Katie groaned and yelled back, “Fine! I’m up. But I get the bathroom now, not in 15 minutes, when we have to leave.
Barbra laughed, “That is so not going to happen.”
“Sure it will. If I don’t get in there now, I’ll just stay in bed. Maybe we don’t need to be on time today”
This time it was Barbra that groaned. A few seconds later, she appears in the doorway, her still soaking-wet strawberry-blonde hair dripping onto her new purple-and-white sweater. She glared at Katie. “I hope your happy.”
Katie grinned. “You know I am.” She jumped off the bed, grabbed her clothes, and ran to the bathroom before Barbra could argue.

“You are not-I repeat, not- wearing that to school to day!” Barbra exclaimed when Katie reappeared in the doorway of the bedroom in her school athletics uniform- black gym shorts and a gray shirt with the words ‘Lion Athletics’ in orange letters on it. “I get that you’re on the basketball team, but if you keep showing up in that I’m going to deny knowing you.”
Katie rolled her eyes again. “I’m bringing another set of clothes for after athletics, so can I still be your sister?” She help up an orange-and-white striped shirt and blue-jeans. After a fake pause of consideration, Barbra agreed. “But not before gym.” She said as she walked past Katie and left the room. Katie, for the fourth time this morning, rolled her eyes and followed her sister out of their bedroom.

“Mom, can you please drive us to school today?” Barbra asked Mrs. Livingston, her mother, faking a sweet tone, then taking a bite of her eggs in front of her, “Oh! And these eggs are delicious!” While she was chewing slowly, pretending to savor her food, she winked at Katie and Katie grinned. The sisters fought about almost everything, but they agreed on two things: they both hated the bus and they both hated their mom’s cooking.

Mr. Livingston laughed, “Barbra, your mother and I let you and your sister pick one day per month that we’ll drive you to school and you already picked the 13th.”
“That’s so unfair!” Katie and Barbra both exclaimed at the same time.
“The 13th’s our birthday, we should get a free-day then!” Katie said.
“And besides,” Barbra added, “Jessica is meeting me at the front of the school, and I can’t be seen getting off the bus.”
Katie got up to rinse her plate, “Please Barbra, why do you even care what Jessica thinks? She’s just a wanna-be “popular girl” that only cares about how she looks.”
“Katie!” Mrs. Livingston scolded, “Why would you say something like that? And besides, y’all should have brought this up earlier if you wanted 2 days. You’ve missed your change.”
Reluctantly, Katie and Barbra grabbed their backpacks and glanced at at each other. It was obvious they were both thinking the same thing, “Parents.” Suddenly the twins heard the screeching of one of their parents’ chairs. They turned around to see both of their parents smiling down on them. Their parents looked at each other, and Barbra and Katie started getting nervous.
“Before you girls go, we have something to give you.” Mr. Livingston said, “As you know, your mom and I will be gone because of work on your birthday, so your grandmother will be driving you to school and everywhere for a week.”
Katie groaned, “But she never lets us go anywhere! Once I asked to go to Alex’s house to study for a big science test and she said no!”
Mrs. Livingston continued for her husband, pretending Katie didn’t say anything, “We just got word that we have to leave 3 days early, which means we’ll be leaving tomorrow. So, we have your birthday presents now.”
Katie and Barbra grinned and high-fived behind their backs where their parent’s couldn’t see. Then, both of their parents pulled small sparkling silver boxes from behind their backs and handed them to each of the girls.

To Be Continued…

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This Isn’t Even A Snow-Day

Quick Bucket List
1) Fall asleep against a door in a room full of strangers – almost completed, District Lock-In for church
2) Get a Snow Day twice in 1 year – completed 1/24 and 1/28, year 2014
3) Be the only student at school – completed 1/28/14
4) Spend half of a snow day at school – completed 1/28/14

Yes. Right now as I’m writing/posting this, I’m the only student at school. Seriously, it’s a snow day and I’m STUCK AT THE SCHOOL!!! I’m not happy. Everyone else that’s stuck here is really nice, though, so it’s not all bad. No… It’s bad. It’s very, very, very bad. Everyone is just scared because the road is covered in ice, and no one wants to drive but everyone wants to go home. Oh! And I wanted to share this with y’all:

We were just driving along. I wasn’t paying attention, I was in the world of Jeremy Fink trying to find out the meaning of life. Suddenly, the car starts spinning wildly. My backpack falls of the seat. I hold my breath and close my eyes. We’re only spinning for a second but it feels like a lifetime. Finally, it stops. When I open my eyes the car is crawling down the street. We didn’t hit anyone, and nobody hit us. Everything was ok, but I was terrified.

Ya, that’s right. We hit a patch of ice. That’s one reason why nobody wants to leave the school. I don’t call this a snow day. This is an ice day. These are some pictures I took at school and on the way home (I did leave).






The Scene…

I just woke up this morning at about 8. I already know school is gonna be delayed, so I got to sleep in. I look at my phone and notice my friend has texted me answering my question, “Will we have morning practice for basketball?” I check my phone while still in bed.

Lizzie: No it’s snowing
Me: It’s not snow [my thoughts: “It’s just ice and snow that’s melting on the ground. I call snow ‘white cold stuff that’s stuck on the ground.’]
Lizzie: It is here
I jump out of bed and run to my window
Me: Oh my gosh it’s here too!
[my mom comes in]
Mom: By the way, school is totally canceled.
Me: No science test!
(Sorry science teachers and science lovers, but science is not my best subject and I do not look forward to tests)

Yup, I was really happy because it was a…

(I just figured out how to do that!)

Anyway, visitors, that was morning. I’m really happy that we don’t have school, and that we do have snow. There is still a lot of ice, which is not good, but I’ll take it. Here are some pictures:

My dog getting his warm on.

My Texas snowman (Ok, sure he doesn’t have a face and is just a lump, but don’t talk about it. He’s sensitive.)

Frosty Footpath - winter snow
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: blmiers2 via Compfight

Ya, that’s not what it looks like, but that’s what I see!

Thanks to the Glitter Text website for the glitter text!

Posts vs Pages

Ok visitors. I would like you right now to look at the top of this post. You’ll see that picture that’s blue and green. Look up (slightly) and left (until the orange). See the words “Home” “About Me” “Help!” and “Pictures!” Well, those are the names of my pages. Pages are not the same as posts. Posts are what this is: a piece of writing that you’ll see when you first open my blog. Pages are different. Pages are small blurbs of writing that aren’t meant to be posts but should still be on the blog. For example: I wouldn’t have a post titled “About Me.”

Anyway, I’m telling you this because I really want to do more things with my blog and if you visitors would comment on pages, I would be able to maybe write better posts, or get ideas for things to write. Thanks!

Worst Weekend Ever

Last week (Jan. 13-17) took forever to me. It felt like the entire second semester. I couldn’t wait for the weekend! So on Friday after school I’m in a great mood, not only because it’s the weekend, but it was a 3-day weekend!

Short Story: Happiness went away very, very soon.
Long Story: I’m getting out of my car with my hands full enough that I close the door with my foot. I’m also not paying attention. Suddenly, a sharp pain explodes from my finger. I had smashed my fingertip in the door of the car, in a way that I had to open the door to get my finger out. And if that still doesn’t tell you how bad it was, listen to this: I was more scared by this than I was when I got bit under the eye by a dog. Anyway, my finger is now all swollen and bruised (it was bloody on Friday but not anymore).

So, naturally, Saturday was a relaxing day of “Heal My Finger.”

Then we get to Sunday. I was happy because my finger was a lot better, and I got to see my friends at church. Once again, I was happy. Really happy. Life was good…
So something had to go wrong.

I woke up really early in the morning with a stomach-ache. Then after a long, long time of not feeling well, I ended up vomiting. So, I didn’t go to church-I didn’t do anything fun. I vomited 3 times total in the morning, then felt better, but didn’t want to risk running around a lot. So, I got to lay at home all day doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! And no, it was not fun.

My Monday was then spent making sure I could go to school Tuesday.
So for this 3-Day weekend, I didn’t do anything or leave my house. Thanks Martin Luther King Jr!


Once darkness falls
Upon the night
I shall wait
For the stars tonight

The night goes on
With bright cold air
I stay here and wait
For the stars tonight

The moon comes up,
Full and bright
As I sit here watching
For the stars tonight

A single dot appears
Twinkling lights soon fill the sky
But I have drifted to sleep waiting
For the stars tonight

As I wake back up
I look into that night sky
And see that I have slept too long to see
All the stars tonight

Our Galactic Neighborhood
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Luis Argerich via Compfight

If I Could Go Anywhere…

If someone told me they would let me go anywhere (physically) I wanted for no cost, I would have to ask if it has to be a real place. I’m not someone who dreams of going to a big city, like New York, or traveling out to the country. I don’t want to go across the country, or even the world. I want to go somewhere else. Here are my top-three answers:

In Third Place: Wonderland
Wonderland. Does the name not explain everything?

In Second Place: The Emerald City
Ok, to be fair, who wouldn’t want to go to the Emerald City? It’s beautiful! I know I said I don’t dream of going to a big city, but the Emerald City is not any big city. The Emerald City has everything: magic, good, evil, and mysterious things around every corner.

And Finally,

In First Place: Hogwarts/Hogsmeade/Diagon Alley
The main reason I would want to go to there is because to go there you would have to be a witch or wizard (with the exception of Filch), and that alone is great; then getting to go to Olavander’s Wand Shop, Flourish and Blots, Honeydukes, Zonco’s, and attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Positively amazing, I’d say.