The Clock Man

“How much will you pay for an extra day?”

The clock man asked the child.

“Not one penny,” the answer came,

“For my days are as many as smiles.”


“How much will you pay for an extra day?”

He asked when the child was grown.

“Maybe a dollar or maybe less,

For I’ve plenty of days of my own.”


“How much would you pay for an extra day?”

He asked when the time came to die.

“All the pearls in all of the seas,

And all of the stars in the sky.”

By: Shel Silverstein



Ok, to be honest, the blog assignment was to post your favorite poem, and I didn’t really remember this poem as I was flipping through my Silverstein book. I liked others better. But when I got to this one, I really liked it. Silverstein shows us how important time becomes when we are older. When he first asked the boy, when he was little, the boy said, “Not one penny.” The child didn’t yet understand; he probably thought he would live forever and had all the time in the world. Later, when the Clock Man asks the boy, probably as an older teen or younger adult, the man says, “Maybe a dollar or maybe less.” Time is becoming more important to the boy, though he still thinks he has plenty of time to do everything. However, when asked as an old man about to die, the boy’s answer becomes, “All of the pearls in all of the seas, and all of the stars in the sky.” On his deathbed, the man finally realizes how much he would give to have another day. More time. On his deathbed, the man realizes, I think, that he didn’t use his time to do everything available to him.


It took this man to his deathbed to learn his mistake, wasting time thinking he had all of it, but this poem reminds everyone to use the time you have now. Though it seems you might have plenty of time, use your time to do something good, so when you’re on your deathbed and the Clock Man asks you, “How much will you pay for an extra day?” you can say, “Not one penny, for I did everything I needed and wanted to do.”

The Passage of Time
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Dear everyone who has made fun of someone recently for something,
Guess what? We’re all human. I make mistakes and so do you. Nobody needs to be perfect to please you; you don’t need to be perfect to please someone else. Please, be yourself and let others be themselves. Life has many, many, many twists and turns and ups and downs, and it’s not helpful to have someone in your head telling you you cannot do it.
I am perfect in my imperfection
You perfect in your imperfection
Kendall, an imperfect girl who has many flaws, but one big strength: I’m Imperfect and PROUD!

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I am Me

I am a pretender

Sometimes, I was a brave-hearted adventurer on an old, breaking, wooden ship, sinking slowly into the horridly beautiful Sea of Fire

Other times, I was a wondrous wizard with a sapphire blue cape, flying around making potions and casting spells

I am a believer

“Don’t let your lights go down, don’t let your fire burn out. Somewhere, somebody needs a reason to believe.” (Britt Nicole)

My own little world was magical-I could be everyone, everywhere! It was my hideout, and it could change at a snap of my fingers

I am a dreamer
Across oceans and over mountains, my shoes have taken me on fantastic journeys: I have seen everything and gone everywhere

I could be anyone, anywhere, in anyway. It was my choice, All it took was a little imagination

I am me
I’m the one who stares out the window or at the clock on the extra long days of school, wishing to be anywhere but in a small desk

The dark green trees sitting outside my house have been the same forever, they are my connection to the roots of my childhood.

I am a pretender.
I am a believer.
I am a dreamer.
I am Kendall.
I am me.



In the morning and to the evening

Forever in a day and all through the night

We are all ready to see the lights

It’s all in our sights


Red is the color of love and blood,

The pain and joy of all breathing moments

If red could talk it would say:

“I’m half of your thoughts, half of your emotions.”


Orange is the color of the new and old day

The color of beginning and end

If orange was alive it would believe,

That it’s the way all the days bend


Yellow is the color of light

The light that represents the good

If yellow was more than a way, a thought

It would say it was fairly understood


Green is the color of new life

It brings together the leaves and the trees

If green were alive and breathing

It would say it’s famous with ease.


Blue is the color of water

It is the color that keeps everything living

If blue could speak out of itself

It would speak of how it is receiving and giving 


Purple is the color of royalty

Purple shows luxury and calmness

If it was as alive as you and me,

It would show you no darkness


Pink is the color of beauty

The color that shines and glows

If pink could show you it’s thoughts

You’d see a color as sweet as a rose


Black is the color of darkness

Of sorrow and pain

If color could talk of itself

It would cry in vain


White is the color of snow,

Of happiness and joy

If white was able to speak its thoughts,

It would hope to never be destroyed

Are You Ready?

Are you ready?
Are you ready to start the day?
Are you ready to face your friends?
Are you ready to face your enemies?
Are you ready?

Are you ready?
Are you ready for class?
Are you ready to learn from your teacher?
Are you ready to learn from your iPad?
Are you ready?

Are you ready?
Are you ready to end the school day?
Are you ready to work on homework?
Are you ready to work on your game skills?
Are you ready?

Are you ready?
Are you ready to end the day?
Are you ready to sleep until morning?
Are you ready to stay awake until morning?
Are you ready?

Are you ready for everyday from now until forever?
Are you ready to be you, or your opposite?
Are you ready to live the rest of your life?
Are you ready to survive the ups?
Are you ready for the downs?
Are you ready for the night?
Are you ready for the day?
Are you ready to watch?
Are you ready to start?
Are you ready?

Getting Ready For A Hot Summer Day

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Hey visitors! If you went to my school when you were in 6th grade, you probably remember reading The Thief and The Beanstalk, a book about Nick, a poor thief, who tries to make things right for Jack. It was a really good book, and when we finished reading it, we had an extra credit project we could do. We had a lot of choices, but I wrote a poem and I wanted to post it on my blog. Have you ever read a class book you really liked? Please, comment what you think of the poem and your answer.

It haunts me always

The gold just shows I’m rich

Not all of my guilt

Life was a broken stitch

But I stand tall

I am forgiven

For my horrible deeds

I am forgiven

I see the sun now

The sky seems more blue

I am out of my days of sorrow

Into the days of new

I owe it all to Nick

He stole the beans then climbed as a thief

He stayed and because of Gullinda

A hero came down and gave me relief

As I told Ann, I tell you now

Stealing not only gets you gold, but a lifelong burden

No matter if the target is a friend or a giant

Stealing is wrong no matter the reason

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With the voices of a choir’s perfect harmony,

Among the people who joyfully sing until the night

Toward the end, from the beginning

Inside the thoughts of people’s souls,

Following examples of truth and lies

For children and adults, around everyone

Beyond the end of time,

Music is Everywhere!


“I Am The One Who…”

I am the one who…

…believes in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit (The Holy Trinity)
giving up my Sunday mornings to worship in Sunday school and services.

…admires people like Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi who stood
up for what they believed in without using violence, and getting others to as

…stares out the window or at the clock at the exceptionally long
days of school, wishing to be anywhere but in a small desk that seems to be
getting smaller by the minute.

…captures moments in a single push of a button, bringing the
color and beauty of what I see to everyone wishing to look.

…crawls out of bed at 6:30 in the morning to get ready for the
school day, because taking 45 minutes to get to school (when traffic’s good)
can take up a lot of my morning.

…dives into a pool every chance I get, because nothing feels
better than having water totally surround you on a summer day in Texas

…confuses my friends and others, commenting on things around us, wanting to get a laugh out of them, because a dull moment is not an option

…shoots and dribbles a basketball up and down the court, heart pumping, adrenaline rushing through me, breathing short and sharp, determined to win.

…listens to music for hours on end, to relax, relieve stress,
make boring homework assignments more interesting, brighten up a bad day, or even just to have fun!

…imagines and dreams forever in a day, because nothing is more
dangerous, helpful, fun, or boring than spending time with myself.