Texas, our Texas! All Hail The Mighty State!

I live in Austin Texas and I have for my entire life. If you were to visit Texas, there are some places you should go, and I’m here to tell you where I would go (and have been).

Firstly, you should go to the Alamo. I just recently went (during this past spring break), and I really found it interesting, even though I’m learning learned about it in class. You can learn all about William B. Travis, James Bowie, David Crockett, James Butler Bonham, and so many more heroes. In case don’t live in here in Texas, I’ll give you a little information to get you excited.

  1. We lost the Battle of the Alamo. Every man fighting died; only the women and children survived.
  2. The Alamo is probably the most famous battle in Texas History
  3. The Battle of the Alamo lasted 13 days and ended on March 6, 1836
  4. Four of the most famous people are William B. Travis (who has Travis County named after him), James Bowie (who has a high-school named after him, Bowie High School), David Crockett (king of the wild frontier!), and James Butler Bonham (the most famous Currier in Texas).
  5. The Alamo was originally named San Antonio de Valero as a Spanish Mission

Another place you should go is one of the Six Flags Fiesta Texas amusement parks. They are all over  Texas and they are a blast! They are so much fun! I don’t really do roller-coasters, and the one I go to still gives me a lot of fun choices. 

You should also go to the Capital Building here in Austin. The capital is huge and is totally worth seeing. The capital holds a lot of history about Texas. I haven’t been in a while, but I remember it was really fun and interesting. If you want to learn about Texas, the Capital is definitely where to go. Here are some facts to get you excited:

  1. The capital is facing South, because Texas was part of Confederacy (South) during the Civil War, and it was important for Confederacy Capitals to be facing South.
  2. If you go to the Capital gift shop, I don’t recommend getting the key-chain that has a spinning center, it breaks really easily.

Ya, it’s been a while since I’ve gone, so that’s all I have. Go to find out more!

The final place I recommend going is San Antonio’s River-walk. There is a mall, lots of restaurants, fascinating buildings (A hospital that looks like a flat wall is one thing you’ll see if you go. Carol Burnett was born there. You’ll also see a restaurant that rotates one full turn every hour), and more all on a river below street level. It’s very cool.

There are lots of places in Texas you should go if you visit the great state. I don’t want to limit you to these, but these are some really good ones (or my favorites anyway). If you visit, spend time throughout the state, because it would be a mistake to limit yourself to one city. So, I’ll leave you will a…

Bye, y’all!