Animal Farm

So, I was gone the day of the discussion on the book Animal Farm, which I would totally recommend you to read. It’s a very good book and has a lot of connections to the Russian revolution. Since I was gone, I want to share some of my thoughts on the book. But first, so visitors aren’t lost if they hadn’t read the book I shall share…THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION PEOPLE CONNECTIONS!!

  • Napoleon, the main pig leader=Joseph Stalin, a man responsible for the death of million. He pushed Trotsky out of leadership and blamed all future problems. Cross his path, disagree with him, or refuse his orders? You’re probably dead. By himself, he managed to turn the new republic for of government into a monarcy, or even a dictatorship. 
  • Snowball, the co-leader with Napoleon until he was banished from Animal Farm on Napoleon’s orders=Leon Trotsky, a man that, after Lenin died, tried to continue the new republic with everything he had. However, his plans were foiled by Stalin who banished him from Russia (later to be killed).
  • Old Major, the most respected pig at the beginning of the book before he died of old age=Vladimir Lenin, a man that started the revolution and got it moving. He soon died from a disease. 
  • Mr. Jones, the human owner of Manor Farm (Animal Farm with humans in charge)=Nicholas II, a man that was a dictator (but was called King). He was overthrown by the people of Russia.
  • Squealer, the pig that lied to everyone to make Napoleon look good and was the speaker of the farm=the newsletter or newspaper that Stalin made everyone subscribe to that made Stalin look absolutely fabulous because it was full of lies. 

Ok, now onto the thoughts on Animal Farm. First of all, let me say this: for a teacher’s pet that’s a stickler for the rules and the execution of rules, this was a hard book to read. Napoleon and Snowball started off by making Seven Commandments that were fairly straight forward; they were simplified to “Four legs good, two legs bad.” Late in the book, after Snowball’s gone, Napoleon changes the rules so much by telling the animals they remembered them wrong. In fact, “four legs good, two legs bad” was changed to “four legs good, two legs better” so that the pigs could walk on their hind legs and not be breaking a rule. The funny thing is, if any other animal tried to walk on their hind legs, Napoleon probably would have found a reason to kill the animal (which was another rule he changed).

Furthermore, whenever Squealer is justifying something that’s bad that Napoleon did, he always ends with saying something along the lines of, “You don’t want Jones back do you?” It really wasn’t fair. It wouldn’t have worked if the pigs weren’t in charge, but they were. Not to mention, no, the animals didn’t have Jones back, but it was almost like they did: working super hard for little gain. It was unjust, but was what was happening during the revolution (“Surely you don’t want the monarcy back?”). 

More about Snowball and Napoleon’s relationship. While Snowball was on the farm, Napoleon was only pretending to like him. When Napoleon had the chance to take down Snowball, he did, and lied to everyone about Snowball. Later, when Snowball was gone, he was Napoleon’s scapegoat (yes…vocab word!). Everything bad that happened, it was Snowball, not Napoleon or the other pigs. Anything Napoleon did before Snowball was gone, was still Snowball somehow.

All in all, Animal Farm was a very good book that I’m sure to read again on my own for fun. I hope that, because of this post, you either think differently about the book or have stronger opinions (if you’ve read the book). If you have yet to read it, go and buy it because it’s fantastic. Comment what you think!


As I was driving to school today, thinking maybe today wasn’t going to be as bad as I thought it would…and then I saw the glowing pink sun. I knew there was plenty of ‘blah-blah-blah’ science that was behind it-yawn-but really, today of all days, the sun was pink. See, today was the day that I hate most of all…

Valentine’s Day.


Ya, ok, Valentines Day wouldn’t be that bad, unless you’re me and your name is Princess Crystal Temple. Everyone likes to tease me because my name is “Princess.” My mom has a really sick sense of humor. My sister’s name is Apple Pennie Temple. Anyway, today was destined to be bad. Very bad.
Valentine’s Day has never been good for me. When I was six, my best friend, Jimmy, ditched me for the boys and I was friendless for 2 years due to shyness. When I was 8, I forgot to bring my Valentines from home for the class and the teacher wrote a note home saying that it was “rude and disrespectful for Princess to not participate in this class tradition.” Because of that, I was grounded for a month! Since then, as I’ve gotten older, my curse has always gotten worse.

To be continued…
Double The Love
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A Small Part of a Long Story

“Come on Katie, let’s GO!” Barbra yelled from across the hall, “We’re gonna be late!” Katie rolled her eyes and pulled the covers over her head. Every morning was the same: Katie will hit the snooze button, sleep for 3 minutes past what she should, and suddenly she and Barbra, her twin sister, are gonna be late to school. After a few minutes of feeling sorry for herself, Katie groaned and yelled back, “Fine! I’m up. But I get the bathroom now, not in 15 minutes, when we have to leave.
Barbra laughed, “That is so not going to happen.”
“Sure it will. If I don’t get in there now, I’ll just stay in bed. Maybe we don’t need to be on time today”
This time it was Barbra that groaned. A few seconds later, she appears in the doorway, her still soaking-wet strawberry-blonde hair dripping onto her new purple-and-white sweater. She glared at Katie. “I hope your happy.”
Katie grinned. “You know I am.” She jumped off the bed, grabbed her clothes, and ran to the bathroom before Barbra could argue.

“You are not-I repeat, not- wearing that to school to day!” Barbra exclaimed when Katie reappeared in the doorway of the bedroom in her school athletics uniform- black gym shorts and a gray shirt with the words ‘Lion Athletics’ in orange letters on it. “I get that you’re on the basketball team, but if you keep showing up in that I’m going to deny knowing you.”
Katie rolled her eyes again. “I’m bringing another set of clothes for after athletics, so can I still be your sister?” She help up an orange-and-white striped shirt and blue-jeans. After a fake pause of consideration, Barbra agreed. “But not before gym.” She said as she walked past Katie and left the room. Katie, for the fourth time this morning, rolled her eyes and followed her sister out of their bedroom.

“Mom, can you please drive us to school today?” Barbra asked Mrs. Livingston, her mother, faking a sweet tone, then taking a bite of her eggs in front of her, “Oh! And these eggs are delicious!” While she was chewing slowly, pretending to savor her food, she winked at Katie and Katie grinned. The sisters fought about almost everything, but they agreed on two things: they both hated the bus and they both hated their mom’s cooking.

Mr. Livingston laughed, “Barbra, your mother and I let you and your sister pick one day per month that we’ll drive you to school and you already picked the 13th.”
“That’s so unfair!” Katie and Barbra both exclaimed at the same time.
“The 13th’s our birthday, we should get a free-day then!” Katie said.
“And besides,” Barbra added, “Jessica is meeting me at the front of the school, and I can’t be seen getting off the bus.”
Katie got up to rinse her plate, “Please Barbra, why do you even care what Jessica thinks? She’s just a wanna-be “popular girl” that only cares about how she looks.”
“Katie!” Mrs. Livingston scolded, “Why would you say something like that? And besides, y’all should have brought this up earlier if you wanted 2 days. You’ve missed your change.”
Reluctantly, Katie and Barbra grabbed their backpacks and glanced at at each other. It was obvious they were both thinking the same thing, “Parents.” Suddenly the twins heard the screeching of one of their parents’ chairs. They turned around to see both of their parents smiling down on them. Their parents looked at each other, and Barbra and Katie started getting nervous.
“Before you girls go, we have something to give you.” Mr. Livingston said, “As you know, your mom and I will be gone because of work on your birthday, so your grandmother will be driving you to school and everywhere for a week.”
Katie groaned, “But she never lets us go anywhere! Once I asked to go to Alex’s house to study for a big science test and she said no!”
Mrs. Livingston continued for her husband, pretending Katie didn’t say anything, “We just got word that we have to leave 3 days early, which means we’ll be leaving tomorrow. So, we have your birthday presents now.”
Katie and Barbra grinned and high-fived behind their backs where their parent’s couldn’t see. Then, both of their parents pulled small sparkling silver boxes from behind their backs and handed them to each of the girls.

To Be Continued…

In the comments, please tell me what you thought!

The Town…

Have you ever played a game where you say a sentence and then someone else says a sentence and it goes on through the group, and the goal is to make a short-story with the sentences? My friend, Elizabeth (Lizzie)  came over to my house one day and we played that game. We came up with the following story. I hope you enjoy, we will be writing the ending soon so check back soon. Write what you think in a comment, we would love to hear your opinion.

There once was a 12-year-old girl named Annie walking through a town a few villages away from her own. The town was black, with dust flying up into her eyes. While walking through the town, wanting to get out as fast as possible, she saw, out of the corner of her eye, a group of teenagers with pale faces and black hoods over their heads… then they disappeared. She walked over to the ally where she thought they had gone, but the only way they could have gotten out would have been to climb the 50 foot wall surrounding the town. She thought she saw a bush rustling. She screamed and ran out of the town.
The next day her mother told her to go back to the town to sell bread. She freaked out and begged her mom not to make her go. Her mom said, “You are being ridiculous, it was probably just an animal.” and sent her out. Reluctantly, Annie left for the town with the bread basket. The first house she stopped at was a big, dusty, old castle that looked like it had not been used in a thousand years, yet there were horses in the stable and a dog barking inside. Annie caustically knocked on the door. A boy, who looked her age creaked the door open slightly, showing only his eye. “What do you want?” he said. She slowly found her voice, only just realizing she had lost it. “I…I came to sell b…bread.” Turning to leave, closing the door behind him, he said, “I don’t want any bread.” Gaining her confidence, she said, “I came to sell bread, so I am going to sell bread. Not everyone is a rich as you! This town has it so good and never even thinks of the rest of us!” The boy looked at her, with sad eyes. When she was beginning to release her anger, out of the corner of her eye, she saw the pale, hooded people from the ally again. When she turned to look at them, they disappeared, just as before. She turns her head around again and says, “What is wrong with this town? I keep seeing these…” the boy had walked closer to her now, and she had taken that as a cue to stop talking. The boy, slightly looking down, had a look in his eyes, something she never seen on anyone in the town before. “I have no idea what you are talking about. Just get out.” He turned and left, leaving her more frightened than ever before.


That night at her house, she was still thinking about the boy in the town. She had finally realized what the look in his eyes was. It was fear, but not of her, of telling. As if he did, something horrible would happen to someone.

To Be Continued…